1. Manage Project Issues

  • To navigate to the ‘Project Issues’ page, open Focus HQ tool using this link  https://app.projectfocushq.com/accounts/login/.
  • Login using your ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ and click the ‘Log-in’ button.
  • Once logged in you will reach the Company’s Homepage, within the ‘Tiles’ section, navigate to ‘Project Dashboard’ by clicking the ‘All Projects’ or ‘Projects’ from the top navigation.


  • In the ‘Project Dashboard’ section, click the ‘Name’ of the ‘Project’ that you want to manage
    Note: In this section, you can only see the Projects assigned to you unless the administrator has provided you a Company Access Level to all Projects.


  • Once a project is selected, go to the left sidebar and click the ‘Issues’ module.