1. Video

You can check the video for a walkthrough on the Homepage Navigation Guide

2. Project Budget Import CSV Process


To import CSV file, Budget Module Approver access must be granted.


Before commencing to import bulk budget financial data, ensure the CSV file has been created with all mandatory fields populated based on project status and financial data to be populated click here to review full template.


  • For individual project import:
    • Access the relevant project.  Click for instructions on how to locate the project dashboard based on project status (e.g. Planning Project or Execution Project).
    • Select ‘Budget’ from the sidebar menu.
  • For multiple project updates:
    • Access the relevant portfolio 
    • Select ‘Budget Management’ from the sidebar menu.
  • Click on ‘Update Cost’ icon in the top right-hand corner to navigate to Budget – CSV Import Details page. 

  • Select ‘Budget Import Type’ Project Budget Import from drop down list. (Portfolio Level only)
  • Attach the CSV file to the ‘Attachment’ field.
  • Select the relevant Existing Data Handling type’ as detailed below:
    • Overwrite Existing Items, Add New Items – update existing data and add new items.
    • Skip Existing Items, Add New Items – no updates to existing date, add new items.
    • Update Existing Items - update existing data only (recommended when updating Forecast/Actual fields only).
  • Select Cost Data (first column)’: First month cost data is to be entered.  A drop down list will appear with data from the attached file and select Next.

The CSV Import Mapping section will appear to map the Focus HQ Field Names to the CSV Field names.  


  • Select the Saved Mapping template in the top right-hand corner, (default PFHQ Budget Module Mapping). If the field names are identical the CSV field will be mapped automatically. If the CSV field is not identical, select the relevant field from the drop-down list. Once mapped, select Import.

  • ‘CSV Uploaded Successfully’ table will appear if no errors. If any errors appear refer to section 2.7 for error handling steps.